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Stay up-to-date with all the latest trends by Naghashyan Solutions in the world of e-commerce and more.

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A new selection of the best plugins every week. Read more
Attract Customers by showing how much money they save. Read more
It is so easy to attract users showing more images of favorite products on listing pages and product sliders with Listing Image Rotator plugin. Read more
Are you looking for snowflakes on your website? Create a winter mood on your website. Read more
Right Click Menu plugin provides quick access to all of the most important actions related to your products. Read more
Naghashyan Solutions is happy to announce that we are participating in this year's Digitec Expo for the first time. Read more
The Achieve Free Shipping plugin is here to help both the customers to organize their orders by having the free shipping opportunity as a goal, and the shop owner to sell more products. Read more
Healthy diet food can reach out for everyone online, just create your own “Diet shop”, primarily offering health food, where customers have a big variety of choice. Read more
Here is a brand new time saver for everyone who prefers online shopping. Stop opening the products one by one to check if they are available in the stock. Read more
With Cart Items Icon plugin your customers will always see the total count of products inside their cart, even if they are using another browser tab. Read more
We are now happy to announce that our company has become Shopware's first certified business partner in Armenia! Read more