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NGS Notification Bar

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  • SW10180
The “Notification Bar” plugin allows to establish communication bet ween the user and the... more
Product information "NGS Notification Bar"

The “Notification Bar” plugin allows to establish communication between the user and the shop management by sharing important messages within notification bar, that appears in the header or footer of the web site. Using the "Notification Bar" shop manager can inform users about down times, sales, contests, etc.   The plugins allows to configure the background, "close" button styling, text color, size of the notification bar. All these configurations will help you easily adapt the message box to your site look and feel. Every Subshop has its own tab in Configurations. This makes possible to display specific notification per Subshop. Using the special "Cookie Lifetime" field, shop manager can even set time when the Notification should appear again after the user closes it.


  • Shop manager can easily share any message adding it through the shop backend
  • Shop manager can easily adjust the Notification Bar design.
  • Every subshop can have different texts and styles
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