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NGS Achieve Free Shipping

NGS Achieve Free Shipping
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  • SW10181
"Achieve Free Shipping" plugin is here to help your customers to organize their orders by having... more
Product information "NGS Achieve Free Shipping"

"Achieve Free Shipping" plugin is here to help your customers to organize their orders by having the free shipping opportunity as a goal. You may have a question how it could be done? Here is a simple solution. This plugin shows how much amount is left in the basket till user achieves the free shipping. The plugin is the best way to attract Customers to buy more products, so the sales of the shop will grow. 

When the user adds an item to the basket, the remaining cost, that is required for free shipping of the order, is being calculated. Remaining cost is calculated based on the "Shipping Free from" parameter value (Configurations --> Shipping costs --> Shipping method). On the website this is displayed with a loader and a short message. With the help of configurations, the Shop Manager can choose on which pages the loader with message should be shown, the following variants are available: Basket, Checkout Cart page, Checkout Confirm page, Payment and Dispatch page.  In addition, there is a pop-up with the loader which opens from the "Shopping Cart" button either on hover  or any page redirection/refresh. The small ''truck'' icon stays on the button after pop-up closes. Under mobile devices, the pop-up is replaced with a "truck" button next to the basket. The Shop Manager can also set a default delivery method, according to which free delivery remaining cost will be counted until the user chooses a proper method. In case if a new shipping method is added in the shop, it will automatically appear in the plugin configurations. In case if there is at least one free shipping item in the basket, the loader with the message will not be shown, as the shipping will already be free. It will not be shown also when the sum of products cost in the Basket have crossed the free shipping border.  according to which free delivery cost will be displayed until the user chooses any method. There is also an opportunity to change colors of the icon, text etc. for different pages. So the plugin will perfectly match with your shop design.


  • The Customers will be attracted to buy more products
  • The creative design will get Customers' attention
  • The plugin is available for mobile devices as well
  • The shop manager himself chooses the pages on which the loader with the message should appear
  • The message is a snippet, so any text can be added
  • A new shipping cost automatically appears in the configs
  • The pop up disappears as soon as limit is reached, so it will not bother customers
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